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Starting A Home Daycare Business

By Dorothy Lowery-All Can Learn-Special Education Consulting, Advocacy & Services


Home Daycare

  1. Day Care Space. You don’t necessarily need a large home to start an in-home day care business. …
  2. Operating Hours. As a business owner, you can set the hours you prefer for your in-home day care. …
  3. Age Groups. …
  4. Business Planning. …
  5. Activity Planning. …
  6. Group Size.


If you are a Teacher, Stay At Home Mom, or other professional, this may be an option for you.  For more information & free tips on getting started, from others that have opened a Home Daycare, go to the contacts page and complete our no obligation contact form.

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Opportunities for Start Ups and Entrepreneurs

By Dorothy Lowery-All Can Learn-Special Education Consultant, Advocacy & Services

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