Educational Consultations, Services, Fees

All Can Learn Education Consulting,  Advocacy & Services

Specializing in services for students with special needs, & those needing school or work accommodations.

We specialize in providing additional support and services for those with disabilities and injuries.

Special Education Consulting, Advocacy & Services

 Special Education Consulting, Advocacy & Services

All Can Learn provides Educational Consulting and Advocacy services. We assist students with disabilities in the steps necessary for school success, the IEP process, Home-School communication, and any other school needs. We also assist those with disabilities in need of work accommodations and struggling to keep their current job.

We are a small business providing quality, confidential, and personalized services to meet your needs.

We know how to address special needs of students, or those needing work accommodations to keep their current job. We eliminate the extra stress of not knowing what to do.


The main purpose of our company is to provide consultations, advocacy, coaching, support, and resources to meet our clients individual needs.  Services provided are to help our clients save hundreds of dollars, and hours in time.

With our consulting and advocacy services you receive answers, resources, & support for your needs.

  1. A plan based on analysis of your specific needs.

  2. We do not provide a one size fits all approach.

  3. Research based recommendations.
  4. One- On- One consultations.

  5. Personalized responses always within 24 hours for any questions or concerns you may have pertaining to your special needs.

  6. We provide a list of necessary steps and/or resources to meet your needs.

  • Bonus resources are available as needed.



Business Phone:  Voice Message Only: (800) 351-2870