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New York Photo Challenge

By Dorothy Lowery-Special Education Consultant, Advocacy & Services

Gotta love the bridges in New York. That’s where I’m from. Born, and raised in New York. No matter where life leads me, I’m still from New York.

I love all the hustle, and bustle of New York. There’s no place else quite like it. Doesn’t need to be, New York is New York.

Welcome to Brooklyn New York. I love seeing the signs when traveling to get there from other places in the world.

Instantly, you will feel energized. Ready to go and explore. Explore and enjoy all the many eateries, shopping, museums, street entertainment, shall I go on? Okay.

A slice of pizza, coney island, Times Square, The Bronx Zoo, Macy’s on 34th street, Queensborough Bridge, and Broadway just to name a few.

Oh, New York. It’s where I love to be. New York, New York.

Photos & Blogged by Dorothy Lowery

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