Blog Post Challenge-I Sympathize…I Support You Too

By Dorothy Lowery-All Can Learn-Special Education Consultant, Advocacy & Services

I sympathize...I support you too

I sympathize…I support you too. Each day I try to read a post from others I know and also from new people. I sympathize.

I learn something new from others each day. By reading your posts, and reading the posts of someone new to me each day. All the diverse gifts shining through each post. I sympathize.

In this process of sympathizing, I’m getting the support I need to keep going each day. I sympathize.

I sympathize…I support you too:

Krista Stevens, shehannemore, Andreas Antero Ahrens, Pragya, mike2all, PolitiGal, pjlazos, da-AL, TechFlax, angelanoelauthor, Yashskirt18, NaomYb’, thinkwithcaleb, ogaziestheory, simple Ula, cher, ogaziestheory

Yes. I sympathize… I support so many others too. Although I can’t name them all, I name them each day when I’m giving thanks, and by writing what I’m grateful for in my gratuity journal each day. I sympathize.

For all of your time, effort, thought, comments, your likes, your words of encouragement, your reading my posts and the posts of others, your follows. I sympathize…I support “YOU” too.

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