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Inscrutable…7 Weeks Gone By

By Dorothy Lowery-All Can Learn-Special Education Consultant, Advocate & Services

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Inscrutable… this one word sums up my entire life for the last 7 weeks.  For some unknown, unexplainable reason, 7 weeks ago:

  • I wanted to do more to help others
  • I wanted a change in my life
  • I said out loud “Is This It For Me”
  • I decided to change my thinking
  • I became more grateful for everything in my life
  • I wanted to eat better food
  • I started eating healthier
  • I started losing weight without dieting
  • I could not continue do my old job anymore
  • I didn’t want to pretend anymore about anything
  • I wanted to be completely honest with the people in my life
  • I began searching for answers for my inscrutable behavior
  • I began to meditate more
  • I began to pray more
  • I began to feel more at peace
  • I am here…no explanation, unexplainable reason, but I am here and it feels good
Image result for non copyrighted images of upside down
So happy

4 thoughts on “Inscrutable…7 Weeks Gone By

  1. Good start ! Good luck for you 🙂

  2. Thank you NaomYB! Your blog posts and art are very beautiful.

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words / also messages —will response later — !
    …..Looking for 9weeks gone by 🙂

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