My Passion Is To Help Students With Special Needs

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“I give up freely what is no longer serving me.  I release it to create spacee for what inspires me.

I was reading one of the many beautiful articles on WordPress posted January 12, 2018 which is “on poetry and photography”-Kelsie Marchand.

One of the comments, posted by Pilgrim, really resonated with me.  It suddenly became crystal clear why I had to leave my teaching job & help in other ways

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“I value the stories of your people. What do I take away for your post is this: ” Elder spoke over us, “When the Salmon come through here they never come back the same as they were the year before, that is the same for us, what will you leave here today?” A word of wisdom. “I prayed on that, and I left anything that didn’t serve my life in walking a good path.” Wishing you a good journey”

This is why it became crystal clear to me.  I had to give up freely what is no longer serving me in order to make space for what inspires me.  Some may not agree with leaving a job.  What we must all understand is that everyone has “their” story.

After over 18 plus years of teaching,  I’ve prayed, and pushed myself to figure out ways to make life better for students with special needs.

I myself struggled with memory loss, back pains, and trying to maintain my job after my car accident in 2014. This helped me to better understand the struggles of those with disabilities.

Not only did I want life to be better for my students, but also for their parents, and caretakers.  The parents suffer without a complaint, day in and day out, advocating, pushing, figuring out ways to make life better for their child.

I experienced the emotions involved with this on a daily basis as a Special Education teacher for over 18 years.  It was joy for me to protect and advocate for my students against some of the unfortunate cruelty’s of the world.   It was “a boot” for me each day, and that’s what I was for them “a boot”.   I take great pride in that.

“It was a boot for me to be a boot for my students”     Dorothy Lowery


boot  -An instrument of torture for the leg, consisting of a kind of vise extending from the knee to the ankle, tightened around the leg by means of screws.

-Any sheath like protective covering.
-To derive keen enjoyment.

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