Special Education Resources for Parents and Educators

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The Special Education Maze

As reported on the U.S. Department oF Education website, on IDEA:

From The Department of Education- Related To The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA):

The 39th Annual Report to Congress focuses on children and student with disabilities who received services specific to IDEA Part C for infants and toddlers or IDEA Part B for children and youth.

The report summarizes U.S. progress in:

1 providing a free appropriate public education (FAPE) for children with disabilities under IDEA, Part B and early intervention services to infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families under IDEA, Part C,

2 ensuring that the rights of these children with disabilities and their parents are protected,

3 assisting states and localities in providing for the education of all children with disabilities, and

4 assessing the effectiveness of efforts to educate children with disabilities.

The process of learning something new can be quite overwhelming. Especially when dealing with ever changing Special Education laws and requirements. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and the education of your child can be affected.


There are many federal laws, and legal requirements that require a special knowledge base in order to understand. After years of college and years of experience in the field, Special Education Teachers become the experts. It does not happen overnight because both a college education and hands on experience in the field give us that authority.

Advocacy & Resources Available

I care about children with disabilities and their families. For all of my teaching career I have worked on behalf of the school districts while consistently maintaining quality relationships with parents, and empowering them to become advocates for their children.

The best situation is where the parents and the school team can work collaboratively together for the good of the child. I’ve witnessed many scenarios where this was not possible due to miscommunication, lack of knowledge, and/or disagreements.

Insider Tips for Parents Moving Forward

For insider tips on how to advocate for your child, and consultations if needed from an experienced professional with over 18 years experience in this industry, feel free to frequently visit the All Can Learn website allcanlearn.xyz.com

Stay in touch for critical information that will be presented along with resources from a former Special Education Teacher with over 18 years of experience, Advocate for children with disabilities, and New Teacher Mentor.

Simply put, I care. Although quite busy due to the demand for my consultation services, I feel a strong need and want to serve in this capacity.

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“I care about children with disabilities and their families”