Produced by Dorothy Lowery-All Can Learn Consultant

This is my first go with the daily prompt. I must say I’m having the time of my life since joining the wordpress family. Little did I know of the opportunities to engage in such fun yet fulfilling activities such as this blink prompt.

Here goes:


In a moments notice, when I blink, I’m off doing something else related to my journey. I am so incredibly busy now, when I want to be, and with what or whoever I want be busy with.

Before this, I was always busy but in a different way. I don’t remember ever blinking. I just remember being busy doing what others wanted me to do, when or with whoever they wanted me to be busy with.

And now, sometimes I let myself blink a few extra times before moving on to something else. Or not. Then some blinks later on in the day I may come back to finish, or not. I actually notice when I’m blinking now, appreciate, and enjoy it. Ahhh blink. Blink your eyes. Try it. Breathe in, breathe out, blink.