Coping With Work Related Stress and Burnout

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Are you suffering with work related stress or burn out?  Every day life can be stressful when you have to balance work, home life, and other responsibilities.  Long hours, and strenuous work loads are difficult to handle.  Stress and work related burn out are both a recipe for disaster. It puts your health at risk.

I know of this all too well from dealing with work related stress on a daily basis. By the time I got home each day, I was completely exhausted.

Some may be experiencing work related burnout but not even know it.  Take a moment to pay attention to yourself, and determine if you are showing any signs.

Some Signs of Burnout

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Forgetfulness/Difficulty concentrating
  • Physical symptoms
  • Increased illnesses
  • Loss of appetite
  • Anxiety
  • Depression.

If you are experiencing signs, don’t ignore,.  It could be work related. It could be home life? It could be a combination of stressful situations.

Come up with a plan to relieve the stress on a daily basis.  Go walking while at work during your lunch break.  Exercise at the gym.  How about bike riding?  Whatever you do, don’t ignore the warning signs.